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a good way to eliminate usage of meta devices is to add data files via SQL. For example, typically the hardware RAID is already there on the storage side, most of the times what we need is to add space to the database and people tend to use a software RAID to concat the same. MySQL used to have this via innodb and oracle has this for ages. so it is easier to simply ad a new lun, give the lun to the end DBA and add a datafile to a tablespace pointing to the new LUN mount point. This is easier than ASM etc

And when you want to resize? Ask the DBA to give back part of the disk? When the project wants to spend less money on storage and give back part of the disk space?
When you want to add disk and rebalance the io across the LUN?
How do you do it?
With ASM you just have to add or drop the "disk" (LUN) to/from the diskgroup and all is done, rebalancing included.
Michel Cadot 15:15, 20 July 2011 (UTC)

formatting issue while executing SP in SQL Developer[edit]

Hi All,

While executing a SP in SQL Developer, i am facing formatting problem. such as

var c1 refcursor SET LINESIZE 100 execute seods01.DS_CGA.get_elec_addr_vld_dtl_rslt('00100000000000070762673','COLA Client Identifier',:c1); print c1;

and the output is:

anonymous block completed C1


------- --------------------- ------------------------- --------------------- ------------------------- 1 EMVLCD0010 08-JAN-15 PM VALCD00000 31-DEC-99 AM

the very first column i.e. ELEC_ADDR_TXT is of varchar2(254) character, please help me with some formatting command to make the output in proper format...

i have used COLUMN ELEC_ADDR_TXT FORMAT A20 already but its not working for me, please help .

Wiki is not the place to post a question but new page or comment on page (above all in a unrelated topic).
Try to post it on Forum: without forget to before read OraFAQ Forum Guide ( and "How to use [code] tags" topic ( and make your code easier to read.
Michel Cadot (talk) 18:45, 14 January 2015 (CET)